Thank you for your interest in applying for an internship with InterVarsity in the Northwest. The following information is the information you will need to apply on staff.

Application Checklist

Applications and references must be signed. Electronic signatures are acceptable on all forms [Type the full name and current zip code on the signature line]. You can download all these files at the bottom of this page.

  • Staff Application

  • 3 reference forms

  • Potential Donor Prospect List - Fill out the columns by listing 100 people or groups that might support your ministry with InterVarsity.

  • Code of Conduct - Please read and be familiar with this document

  • Checklist - This is for your reference

  • Please send all references and application documents to

Important Dates

  • Jan 22nd - Application, Potential Donor Prospect List, and reference forms Due

  • Feb 9-10 for an interview. Location TBD. Please mark your calendars for these dates as these are the only interview dates we can offer. We will be in touch about the details of the interview

  • June 24-28- Summer Intern Training. Location TBD. This is a time we train our interns for the upcoming year. Attendance of this is required for interning. Please mark your calendar for this.


By downloading these documents, you have read all the above information.