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Summit Urban Projects

What is Summit?

Summit’s an experience. We’ll put you face to face with people that know everyday what it means to be homeless, to live in poverty, and to deal with injustice. You’ll hear their stories, and build relationships. You will meet and work with people who are passionate about serving and transforming their city. You will find out what it means to live in community with friends following Jesus together. You’ll study what God says about poverty, injustice, and his Kingdom, and come away with a very different view of the world you thought you knew. You’ll discover you can make a difference!

I am forever different. The way I think has been changed a lot. In the short term I’m looking forward to going home to find somewhere to work like Portland Rescue Mission. In the long term I think the project has changed the way I want to spend my life.

Laura, Whitman College

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When and Where

  • Evergreen State College6/15 - 6/28Tacoma
  • Oregon State University6/15 - 6/28Portland
  • Pacific Lutheran University5/25 - 6/6Tacoma
  • Portland State University6/15 - 6/28Portland
  • Reed College5/18 - 5/31Tacoma
  • Seattle Central Community College6/15 - 6/28Tacoma
  • University of Idaho5/18 - 5/31Tacoma
  • University of Oregon6/15 - 6/28Portland
  • University of Alaska Anchorage5/18 - 5/31Tacoma
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks5/18 - 5/31Tacoma
  • University of Puget Sound5/18 - 5/31Tacoma
  • University of Washington6/15 - 6/28Tacoma
  • Washington State University5/18 - 5/31Tacoma
  • Whitman College5/25 - 6/6Tacoma
  • Willamette University5/18 - 5/31Tacoma

Tacoma May 18 - 31

Reed UAA UAF UI UPS Willamette WSU
$248 through April 6
$278 after April 6
$50 non-refundable deposit
Register by May 4 at midnight
Summit runs from 4pm on May 18 through noon on May 31

Tacoma May 25 - June 6

PLU Whitman
$248 through April 6
$278 after April 6
$50 non-refundable deposit
Register by May 11 at midnight
Summit runs from 4pm on May 25 through noon on June 6

Portland/Tacoma June 15 - 28

$248 through May 4
$278 after May 4
$50 non-refundable deposit
Register by June 1 at midnight
Summit runs from 4pm on June 15 through noon on June 28

Event Details

You can find information about our event policies—including cancellations, transfers, waiting lists, and more—on our Event Details page.

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