"The beginning of the good news..."

Mark is widely consider the first Gospel written about the life and person of Jesus.  Come join other NW students as we study this remarkable person.  In 6 days, studying Mark will transform how you see Jesus, His mission, and your life. 

Scholarships available. Talk to your campus staff


Mark 1 - WHO is Jesus?

Come live with Jesus in chapters 1-8 of Marks Gospel. Using a manuscript study format, we will meet Jesus together in a new way. If you want a fresh, up close and personal encounter with Jesus, want to wrestle over the secret of the Kingdom of God, them Mark 1 is for you!

Mark 2 - The King Who Serves

Feel like you were left hanging? Come finish the story.  Mark 2 (Chapters 9-16) is a continuation of Mark 1.  Meet Jesus in the climax of his life, death and resurrection. See the unfolding tragedy as his enemies and his followers struggle to understand who He is and what to do.  Only for those who have completed Mark 1.

Old Testament OPtion

For the week March 20-25, we will be offering another class for those who have already finished Mark 2. 


This is only available for WSU, Lewis and Clark State College and UI. From March 20-22 we will be studying a passage that will be TBD.

What is Mark Manuscript Study?

Manuscript bible study is a method created years ago by an InterVarsity staff worker named Paul Byer. Through this method, we position ourselves to understand the original context of the Scripture and attempt to put ourselves in the shoes of the original audience to best understand what the author intended to say. It is a tool that helps us find truths about ourselves and about God so that we can apply what we learn to real life. We want Mark Study to teach us how to be observers of what is happening around us and be able to translate and understand what is happening in the Scriptures.